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Crowdsourced Online Advertising Specialists

What’s Unique About Trada’s Online Advertising Marketplace?

The world’s best online marketing experts will work for you
Trada’s paid search experts are some of the best in the world. Most are Google AdWords or SEMPO certified, and before being allowed into Trada’s marketplace, paid search experts are required to pass our certification exam. With Trada, you can take the guesswork out of hiring the right paid search expert.

You get diverse campaign strategies
Having multiple paid search experts working on your campaign brings diverse strategies and creative ideas that no one individual could possibly come up with on their own. You will always have multiple experts working on your campaign, generating unique ad copy and long-tail keywords. Multiple strategies applied to your campaign from different experts ensure you the best possible results.

Run your campaign on Google, Bing and Yahoo!
With Trada, you can advertise on all of the top search engines with no additional effort. We will make sure you do not miss out on over 30% of your potential clients by running your ads in Yahoo! and Bing, not just Google. Trada will dynamically shift your existing ad budget to the ad network that is getting you the best results, ensuring that you maximize every dollar you spend.

Trada isn’t a platform or a tool. It’s people.
When you run your campaign with Trada, you will know all of the paid search experts working on your campaign and their individual performance on your campaign. You will be able to view their profiles to see how they’re performing on other campaigns and get to know them on an individual basis. Trada’s sophisticated reputation system motivates optimizers to work hard on your campaign and be a top performer for you!

There are no fees.
Unlike an agency or consultant, there are no set-up fees or monthly management fees to run your campaign in Trada. Our experts earn money based on their performance on your campaign, so they’re motivated to beat your goals, not spend your budget.