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Acquire new readers and keep them coming back

 For Bloggers and Online Content Creators

[email protected] is our answer to bloggers and online content creators to the need to create their own subscriber base and break free from the logic and algorithms of Google to bring more traffic, visits and readers to their valuable content, day after day.

[email protected] gives your readers the chance to subscribe to articles published on your site and sends personalized email summary of new articles published that are unique to each subscribers according to their interests.

Right now we are testing the application with one of the biggest digital publisher in Italy (http://www.androidworld.it/2014/03/17/androidworld-it-introduce-le-notifiche-mirate-via-mail-220437/)  and what we found out is that people are really keen on receiving relevant articles. Besides that we saw a reasonable increase in the number of subscribers when the source is trusted.

In order to understand the power of this solution it’s needed just mention the increase in percentage of newsletter marketing solutions on the market like Aweber and MailChimp:

  • +300% the rate of subscriptions of occasional and regular readers compared to the regular newsletter subscriptions;

  • +20% the averages opening rate of the personalized email summary compared to the average opening of the regular email newsletters in the online publishing industry.

  • +10% of visits generated to their site making it the third largest source of site traffic after Google and Facebook in less than six months.

Unlike products like Aweber and MailChimp, [email protected] is a solution that creates a unique and direct link between your online content and each of your reader by converting the interests of your visitors in an innovative system for retention.