www.updatenode.com (Computer/Software)


Software Update and Messaging System

UpdateNode gives you all the flexibility to update your software when its already deployed to your customers. 

Once you have defined an update for a specific version or a list of versions on www.updatenode.com, you can integrate our cross platform and open source client into your product. Doing so, the client fetches all the definitions you have done online and displays the update information in the language you have defined. Depending on your update execution, the user starts the update installation process as previously defined on UpdateNode, or it happens automatically. It's all up to you - the system is as flexible as you are. 

Besides the update functionality, you may want to display some custom message to your customers and inform them about a new product, or an event. UpdateNode offers different ways how to display messages to your customers.

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UpdateNode is completely free for Open Source and offers a 30 days full trial for commercial use.

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