banckle.com (Computer/Software)


Banckle provides a comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions to businesses, enterprises as well as developers.

Banckle is a new communication and collaboration platform that is aimed at businesses, enterprises and developers. The aim of this cloud platform is to let every single member within any team connect with his colleagues, and carry out all the necessary operations for completing any task that is pending. Banckle provides its users with many features and capabilities such as online CRM, helpdesk platform, email solution etc. For its part, communication is made possible in more ways than one - Live Chat, Online Meeting, Helpdesk Support, CRM - these are all supported. Banckle Apps Suite is also accompanied with a set of APIs that lets developers create new applications by interacting with single or multiple Banckle Apps and borrow some of its features. Currently APIs are available for the Live Chat, Online Meeting and File Sharing apps.