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Enables referral programs to deliver top talent by increasing employee engagement

GooodJob believes that referral programs are such a powerful sourcing tool that companies should not settle for today’s inefficient models that generate participation rates of only 10%-20%. We feel that the key to referral program success is putting employees at the center of the process and maximizing their interaction. Companies must engage and motivate employees in a smart way which recognizes all their efforts, not just the end-results. They should offer appealing incentives and easy-to-use social tools which will not only make their participation simple and easy, but also fun. GooodJob’s breakthrough approach transforms referral programs and sets a new standard in online social recruitment resources. We provide organizations with an on-line platform with tools to maximize employee engagement, successfully leverage social networks and manage referrals. Organizations are able to acknowledge employees’ referral efforts – not only successes – and reward them every step of the way. Employees can easily and effectively track their referrals’ progress with each step transparently linked to rewards. Our platform enables you to create customized benchmark prize incentives for each part of the process, from the initial referral, through the candidate's advancement, to the successful hire. GooodJob facilitates programs that effectively tap into the rich resource of employees’ social networks with sophisticated social media tools, making employee participation easy and enjoyable. The bottom line - GooodJob transforms organizations’ ability to manage and fully leverage their referral programs. We help you usher in a new age of recruitment that delivers exceptional referrals and excellent ROI! Truly recognizing your employees' achievements leads to success. Your success, their success, our success.