customericare.com (Internet)


Customericare offers a user friendly live video chat plugin to help you interact with your website visitors

Customericare helps restoring dialogue between companies and their online customers. We designed our solution to be as user friendly as possible for both customers and company advisors. Companies can install our plugin in few minutes by simply adding a line of code to their website. A customizable chat window will then appear online where they want it.


     Visitors can ask for real-time assistance directly on the company’s website and get the answers they need to proceed with their purchase. We also provide sales advisors with a strong monitoring tool to help them track their visitors’ actions and send proactive chat invitations. According to Raymard Institute about 68% of shoppers add products to their cart but don’t go through with the purchase. When used wisely, a live-chat solution can help avoid some of those abandonments. The ones due to technical issues are for example very easy to prevent with simple real-time assistance.

     Live chat is a popular feature to have on your website nowadays but we believe the future lies in video chat. It brings the online shopping experience a lot closer to what we could get in-store. But most importantly it helps build trust by putting a human face on your brand’s website. Of course it doesn’t mean you have to answer every request with video chat, which is why we also offer our users the possibility to write or talk only.