www.twoodo.com (Internet)


Twoodo helps you organize anything and everything using #hashtags - giving you headspace to focus on what's important.

Twoodo lets you naturally organize everything through hashtags so you can focus on what's important. Some of the things you can accomplish with Twoodo are:

  • Store notes
  • List things you need to do
  • Share them with your team and clients
  • ...and much more 

The beauty is in it's simplicity and flexibility. With our smart #hashtag language, Twoodo enables you to seamlessly track and organize your conversations, to-do lists, notes, events and more. 

From the command box, instantly create a team or project using "+". Assign tasks or information to people using "@". Finally, add "#" to organize the information by tagging it, prioritizing it, or whatever you need.