www.accountsight.com/ (Computer/Software)


#1 Easiest and Affordable Time Tracking and Billing Software

AccountSight is a silicon valley based software company with a mission to help companies save time and money and increase employee productivity. 

AccountSight is a leading time tracking, resource scheduling, expense tracking and invoicing software that is integrated with QuickBooks and PayPal. Using AccountSight, it is easy to track time, easy to invoice, easy to analyze company reports and easy to afford. It is ideal for small to mid-size professional services businesses, consultants, independent professionals and freelancers. It is full of robust productivity-driven features that are conveniently available to users through a very intuitive interface. The many customer benefits and hassle-free user experience make AccountSight unique. 

AccountSight Key Features include:

Time tracking and expense tracking in seconds.

Multi-level timesheet and expense approval workflow with email and system notifications.

Easy time-off entry provides a quick overview of available time-off.

Multiple holiday calendars allowed for a company.

Time-off request can be routed for multiple level of approvals

Integration of time-off with outlook calendar.

Plan projects and forecast resource needs.

Identify and allocate available resources based on role and skill set.

Track forecasted versus actual hours and control costs.

Convenient reimbursement management and accounts reconciliation.

Excel integration for time and expense bulk uploads.

QuickBooks integration with time tracking and invoicing features.

PayPal integration with invoices reconciles accounts receivables automatically.

Fast and easy manual and recurring online invoicing.

Configurable automatic notifications and reminders for timesheets, budgets and invoices.

Quick and professional project estimates for bidding.

Powerful dashboards and reports for online project management and invoice status.

Drill-down directly from dashboards into time, expenses and invoicing reports.