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Engage Your Team By Empowering Appreciation

The rewards you offer in YouEarnedIt are completely up to you and will represent your company and culture. It's easy to add rewards and your employees will appreciate items that are unique. Companies using YouEarnedIt offer everything from local restaurant gift certificates, online retail gift cards and even Ducati motorcycles and Porsches. It's entirely up to you which makes YouEarnedIt so much more personal and enjoyable. YouEarnedIt empowers your employees to appreciate and recognize each other. Realtime recognition by your peers and colleagues is one of the most powerful and meaningful ways to reinforce a person's value and worth to your organization. Appropriate recognition has been proven to increase individual productivity and performance, increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, and improve teamwork. YouEarnedIt provides you with an administrative dashboard that makes it super easy to track and manage your teams interactions. What is the total balance of outstanding and redeemed points? Who has the most points and who has redeemed the most points? What rewards are most popular? You have insight into all this information which gives you valuable data on the performance of your teams and organization.