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Get Press with Targeted Outreach

PressRush helps PR professionals and marketers get more press.

Discover highly targeted journalists using keyword searches. The PressRush media search engine returns contacts who have written about your topic before. Build a targeted custom media list in just minutes instead of days!

PressRush provides you all the information you need to analyze the writers so you can produce relevant and personal pitches with a high success rate. Send your pitches directly from PressRush or export contacts to whatever tools you wish to use. 

Want to stay updated on a topic? PressRush Alerts deliver you email alerts when new articles matching your search are published. Either get them in real time (perfect for newsjacking), or get them daily or weekly for a more casual pace.

Not sure how to get started with press outreach? That's OK, we have a FREE online crash course to help you get started on the right foot and avoid the common mistakes.