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Niland is a leading expert for music-centric discovery solution

niland is a leading expert for music-centric discovery solutions. We develop cutting-edge B2B solutions (for music publishers, music streaming services and app makers) that can be used on mobile devices, desktops, servers and the web. Our services rely on the combination of our expertise in machine learning, audio signal processing and algorithm.

Our first product, siilar, is a SaaS solution designed for music libraries, distributors and publishers. Siilar revolutionizes the way you search music, by allowing you to search music using music for your licensing project.

Think of songs as key words in google. In Siilar, you can use any track as seed for a search (an mp3, a track from the worldwide catalog or from yours). You can refine your search with tags to find, for example, a song that sounds like "Diamond" with a #girl singing.

In a few clicks, siilar finds the best tracks in you catalog.