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SocialTagg is an Integrated Event Platform simplifying the way that people host and network at events


SocialTagg is an integrated event platform redefining how people check into and network at events. The problem is that checking into an event is a tedious task, often fraught with waiting in line and looking up attendees. Once inside, making meaningful connections is also difficult.

Our 1st product is a business card replacement app. We store contacts in the cloud and give networkers the ability to add notes about their connections. Our 2nd product is an event check-in platform. When you attend an event and check-in, you can see all other attendees who have checked in. We also offer the event organizer the ability to survey their attendees in real time and get rich analytics about their attendee base.

These two pieces work in tandem to make the entire event experience better. Attendees can use one app, one platform, to register, check-in, and network at events. Event organizers get rich analytics about who their attendees are and what kind of engagement they have at their event.


SocialTagg utilizes QR code technology to exchange contact information between two people. Contact information is stored in the cloud by utilizing Apigee's App Services and our own backend which is built on top of Heroku with node.js.

Our mobile apps are built in native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

We currently have an engineering team of five, all in-house. Our engineers have worked on a number of high-traffic mobile and web brands including Tinder, P90X, Fandango, Muve Music, Electronic Arts, World Series of Poker, and AT&T.

** Easy Networking for Event Attendees **
The SocialTagg app is the easiest way to share contact information with people you've just met. Simplify contact management and leave those business cards at home! 

Features for Networking
• CREATE: Generate a unique badge to share your contact information with others.
• EDIT: Upload your photo and add a short bio to personalize your profile.
• SCAN: Quick scanning technology allows for quick contact input or fast event check-in.
• REGISTER: Easily sign-up and check-in to your event.
• CONNECT: Share your badge with others, even if they don't have the SocialTagg app.
• MANAGE: Store new contacts and import their information to your phone.
• CONTACT: Reach stored contacts through their profile with one click.
• RECORD: Keep notes of important details about your contact.
• EXPORT: Send your list of new contacts to your email.

** Efficient Event Planning for Organizers **
Save time and engage attendees with the SocialTagg Integrated Event Platform on mobile and web.

Features for Event Organization
• CHECK-IN: Quickly check-in attendees or have them self check-in.
• SURVEYS: Create and distribute user-friendly mobile surveys to attendees.
• ANALYTICS: View real-time engagement statistics for your event.