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A simple, fun idea capture tool to encourage ideas from employees and customers

Provide details about your product. What problem(s) does it solve? Who is it for? How does it solve these problems?...

If you'd like to improve your employee engagement and get ideas that improve your business consider IdeaSpies Enterprise.

It's an easy to learn and use idea capture tool that offers a simple, effective, fun way to encourage and rate ideas. It enables an organisation to create an environment of inclusion that encourages internal champions and earns trust. 

People at all levels of an organisation are encouraged to register using their organization email address, then they can see their colleagues’ ideas to rate and comment on them as well as add their own ideas. They can use their own names or anonymous Idea Spy names. Only people with an organisation’s email address can see the ideas. The platform can operate independently. It can also be used to encourage ideas from B2B customers who are given access.

Pre-arranged judges select the best ideas based on the support (i.e. ratings and comments) shown for them. Winners are rewarded on a timely basis and selected ideas are implemented.

This short video shows how it works https://youtu.be/D48Pzs6QwLM