heedbook.com (Computer/Software)


Using neural networks, Heedbook analyzes the service quality and customer satisfaction in real time.

Today evaluating quality management systems don't provide companies with a comprehensive and objective knowledge of the service quality, as they don't cover 100% employee-customer dialogues. Companies don't have an opportunity to monitor the level of customer service through regular evaluation.

Customers get tired of growing number of surveys and their loyalty is decreasing. Meanwhile, the average response to such surveys doesn't exceed 10-15%.

Heedbook is a first online AI-based software for evaluating and boosting customer loyalty. Analyzing results of facial emotion recognition, verbal expressions, the content of the conversation with the employee and other parameters, it offers a complete range of services to measure overall customer satisfaction with the quality of service.

It works in the background mode and shows all data in real time. The system doesn't bother the customer and doesn't affect employee performance. Heedbook doesn't require additional equipment, you only need the Internet access and a webcam with a built-in microphone.