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AI and Blockchain-Powered chatbot that analyzes a document, weblink or multimedia file and extracts its main ideas

SummarizeBot is AI and Blockchain-Powered summarization bot available on Facebook Messenger and Slack platforms.

It can summarize any kind of information for you. It can summarize weblinks, documents, images, audio and more. Just share it with SummarizeBot to get your perfect summary in seconds. 

By summarizing weblinks you can completely change your web browsing by being more effective and efficient. For businesses it structure unstructured data by creating a better version of it.

SummarizeBot uses the most groundbreaking technologies to provide you with the best summarization result on the market.


- Summary Generation

The better version of your information will be generated by extracting the most important parts of it.

- Keywords Extraction

Enjoy the most important keywords, that allows you to understand in seconds what the content is about.

- Key Fragments List

Get to know more by going through the top extracted key fragments.

- Vary Summary Size

Choose your perfect summary size.

- Save Your Results

Download, save or share your summary for free.

What Makes Us Unique?

- It's FREE

- More than 100 languages supported

- AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning technologies used 

- Audio files summarization

- Image files summarization

- Various files' summarization supported

- Summarize almost any public weblink