teampassword.com (Technology)


Team Password is a cloud-based platform that stores, secures and manages access to all your shared logins.

TeamPassword provides password management for digital marketing agencies, startups and dev shops who need to save time and keep projects moving efficiently.  It’s a cloud-based platform that helps you manage and share access to the apps, services, and tools your team needs. Our Google Sign In feature and Browser Extensions  offer seamless, one click access to logins without interrupting your daily workflow. With just 2 steps, TeamPassword saves our clients an average of 120 minutes when on-boarding new staff and clients, and employees and clients can be removed in just 1 step. With our strong password generator, TeamPassword helps you immediately add even more security to your process. For Agencies and Client-services organizations, TeamPassword offers seamless Access Controls. Your clients can rest easy knowing you have a process in place to secure passwords and limit access to only the Group who needs access. Admins can create Groups and have oversight for all members with access including their level of activity. Group members can interact with their logins, update the logins, add new logins, and add notes to logins.