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UpKeep allows users to snap a picture of a broken piece of equipment, create a work order, and schedule it for repair -

UpKeep is perfect for facility, property, restaurant, and manufacturing managers looking to improve communication by enabling real-time status updates for your team. It is a modern, intuitive, and customizable CMMS that is proven to expedite workflow processes.

-Add co-workers and easily assign work orders to different users

-­Create, update, and check status of work orders

-­Manage a history of your assets

-Receive notifications to your phone and email

-Organize reports

-Enable UPC Label scanning

-Develop assets and assign work orders to assets

-Sync across all devices you own

-Web application available for use on any device

-Create preventative and scheduled maintenance

-Customize work orders using form items

Upkeep is the only mobile­ first Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) tool in the market. While traditional EAM software relies on written forms and manual input, UpKeep revolutionizes the enterprise sector with an intuitive user experience. We hope to empower businesses with the full potential of the mobile device — saving time, costs, and stress.