schemopedia.com/ (Service)


Easiest way to search, apply & access Government schemes and benefits

Schemopedia is a one-stop online platform for searching, applying and accessing all Government and Non-government schemes and benefits. With a simple interface prompting the user for his and his families' profile details, interest areas (e.g. Education/Healthcare, etc.) and purpose, the platform suggests the right benefit and enables applications through documentation support. It also provides analytics to government departments based on user search/applications helping them design their programs better.


So, the key value proposition for individuals or businesses is summarized below:


(A) Comprehensive database of all Central & State government benefits

(B) Simplified scheme information which even a layman can understand

(C) 'On click' application facilitation with document processing support

(D) Integration with government portals for seamless application processing

(E) Aadhaar verified user account to citizens

(F) Interface with GoI’s ‘Digital Locker’ facility to store personal documents