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Concurra helps you make your website convert better.

Concurra is an all-in-one website optimization platform designed to work on modern websites. It uses big data to record everything that your visitors do - every time they move their mouse, everything they click on, anytime they highlight text, anytime they type in a field, interact with a drop down menu, click on a tab, etc. Anything and everything.

It then visualizes this data in beautiful heatmaps and proprietary LiveMaps so you can see where your visitors are interacting and where they are not. You can replay any visitor's session from start to finish, see everything they did.

Then you can instantly turn any page into a real time A/B (or multivariate) test using Concurra's experiments feature. Test new ideas, make some tweaks and changes, and see how they impact your goal conversion rates.

There are a lot of tools that do bits and pieces of what Concurra can do, but nothing out there does it all, and works perfectly on modern, responsive websites. 

Free plan available, try us out!