userinput.io (Service)


Get on-demand feedback for your app, website or idea. Learn how to improve by hearing real opinions.

Use userinput.io to get feedback quickly and easily on your website so that you can improve trust and conversion, learn what confuses people, what they think of your logo and branding, and find specific ways to improve your website so that it functions and earns better. Figure out what is holding your site back from success.

Have a mobile app that you're working on or launched already? Userinput.io can help you find usability issues, and get feedback on the design and flow of your app. Test your app with our reviewers before or after it is launched.

Have a business idea that you'd like to explore? Get feedback on your idea before you build out the business, learn what the market really wants, or run customer discovery surveys to figure out what the biggest problems are that your startup could solve.

You can pick the demographic you want to fine tune the audience that takes the surveys. Don't have time to analyze the feedback yourself? There's a concierge service in which they discuss your current issues, figure out what the best questions to ask would be, analyze the feedback for you and break it down, and then provide for you a list of specific action items in order to improve your site or app, or validate or advise on your business idea.