vcorreio.com (Internet)


Business Email with your domain with the best control panel ever.

We provide professional email with your own domain, including country level domains. It has never been so easy to create emails for your business. With Vcorreio you can have up to 50 emails of 10 GB each without having to do any setup. And it comes with a free domain and 4 GB of a free file storage solution

Our solution is for small and medium business who want easy, quick affordable domain and business email without the technicalities.

We are the best email solution thanks to our amazing control panel that gives you total control of all your business email and your employees.

Did you know that people are 9 times more likely to buy from you if you have your own professional email instead of free services like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. In consumer’s minds a business with a customized, professional email is more trustworthy. It is even better when you get a national domain that indicates users that you do business in your country.