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BetterHotel takes hotel bookings you've already booked and upgrades you to a BetterHotel for free

Our service allows you to upgrade to a BetterHotel, and get the most out of your hotel budget!

Once we find a BetterHotel, we’ll send you our recommendation and you simply book the BetterHotel we found you and then cancel your previous reservation.

Why do you need BetterHotel?

Prices will go up and down many times between the day you made a reservation and the day you actually check into a hotel.

Even if you spent hours in-front of travel sites, and you actually got the best hotel possible for your budget on the day you booked – You might see completely different results a day, a week or even a month after

All you need to do is forward your hotel booking confirmation to [email protected]

BetterHotel’s technology, monitors prices of almost all hotels in your reservation area – several times a day!

As soon as we recognize a BetterHotel’s price has dropped , and it is now within your original budget, we’ll let you know!

We’ll also let you know if your original price dropped – allowing you to keep the exact same room and SAVE MONEY