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The perfect solution for integrated management of human resources.

“HR-Assistant” is employee management software in the cloud designed to simplify the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as work attendance, employee holidays or leave requests, overtime, travel expenses, time- sheets, knowledge management and many other activities. All human resources management tasks can be carried out on a single platform and in a natively integrated way. “HR-Assistant” allows the company to save time and money but also helps reducing errors in HR activities, improving at the same time the control over processes.
It permits to easily create a portal that employees and managers can access to manage their procedures and data, always under the control of HR staff.
All information related to personnel management is originated in electronic form as well as managed in electronic form. No need to copy data to spreadsheets, with the risk that they become outdated quickly. All the handling and processing of human resources processes can be done on-line.
With HR-Assistant the Human Resources department can free resources and energies from data management tasks and use them to manage people.