www.sushivid.com (Advertising)


SushiVid connects brands to YouTubers for video sponsorships

SushiVid is a B2B Marketplace that connects brands and SMEs to Asian YouTubers for video sponsorships. 

Brands are constantly finding new ways to get traffic onto their website. Where is all that traffic? We found a lot of people streaming videos! In fact, 88% of consumers find online videos very influential.  SushiVid helps Brands to find, hire and work with YouTubers for video sponsorships. 

YouTubers on the other hand, are now able to pro-actively look for and manage all their sponsorships in one platform. With SushiVid, they do not have to customise their media kits, or send out emails one-by-one to brands. All their latest information will be available on our platform. They only have to submit a short one paragraph proposal that is specific to each campaign.