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GridCSP offers businesses on demand cloud access to your Applications and Windows Desktops, anywhere on any device.

Why GridCSP?

Work isn’t somewhere you need to be anymore. Instead, thanks to flexible workplace strategies, work is something you do. Tablets, smart phones, and laptops have made working from anywhere easier than ever, helping every worker balance their work and personal life. But having fast access to the desktops and applications you use everyday is important to stay efficient. You need to have everything that you would have in your office at your fingertips.

GridCSP provides access to those desktops and apps anywhere and anytime. Different than other cloud service providers, we provide your company with your own, personal cloud, and give you control over it. We can set up your business critical applications using our worldwide grid, and you can have secure access to all of your company’s data anywhere in the world. You don’t have to buy or build any special applications to make the cloud work for you. We take the apps that you already use, virtualize it, and put it in your cloud for fast access.

With GridCSP, your sensitive data and intellectual property are securely stored in a data center. Your applications and data are centrally managed in the cloud and never stored on the end point device. Worrying about data security due to a lost laptop or tablet is a thing of the past. Businesses won’t need to spend money managing applications and desktops, and the data the users receive will always be the most up-to-date version. You focus on your business; we’ll focus on your IT.

Ready to balance your work and your life? Check out our free trial, and let us show you how having control over your own cloud can help balance your lifestyle with your work.