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A free listing directory for office sharing

Do you have a great office space you are looking to share and rent, but do not know how to get the word out about it? Sure, putting a sign in the window may attract a passerby, and putting an ad in the paper may get you a few inquiry calls, but using FindOfficeShare.com's on-line services is by far the best way of getting exposure to your buildings. FindOfficeShare.com is a wonderful service that helps connect people wanting to share their office space with potential renters by offering a free on-line listing. Unlike some businesses that claim to offer “free” services (that is until you read the fine print), FindOfficeShare.com really does provide their service 100% free for both office providers, and renters! So how does this work? Well, starting up with FindOfficeShare.com is extremely easy: simply sign in, create your office sharing listing, and upload any photos you have of your space. That's it! Find Office Share uses an advanced search engine that is great because it helps possible renters find you with ease. Interested renters can search by the city, zip code or even neighborhood to look for office sharing listings. Once you create a listing, it will remain active for 30 days, and renewing for even longer is no problem at all. FindOfficeShare.com also allows you to have four photos included with your listing so you can display your space, which is a great attractor for potential renters. Once you have rented all of your office shares in no time at all, ending the service is easy as well, by simply deleting your listings. There are so many benefits of using FindOfficeShare.com services, that you wont want to wait any longer to get started. Their unique search engine makes it easy for renters to find you, ability to upload photos will increase renters' interest in your listing, the service requires little time and effort on your part, and best of all it does not cost you a dime! Office sharing is an ever-growing concept, one that is slowly becoming more prominent everywhere because it is an affordable solution that helps businesses get started, and work together. In this economy it can be hard to find services and companies that really want to help you succeed, that is why Find Office Share tries to make their services easy to use, and optimally effective for your business. FindOfficeShare.com brings the renters to you. Again, simply list your offices, upload photos to display your great office space, and wait for the calls to start coming in! Let FindOfficeShare.com help you be successful, what have you got to lose?