needls.com (Advertising)


We automatically create, target & optimize digital ads

Digital advertising can be daunting for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but in a world where online advertising is king and people obsess over social media it’s critical that businesses are successful when it comes to promoting their product or service online. 

Small businesses, independent professionals and solopreneurs don’t have thousands of dollars a month to spend on advertising, and often their marketing team is very small, if one exists at all. It can be a lot for a business owner to manage all aspects of the company and have to worry about advertising as well - luckily there’s needls.

Founded in 2014, needls. is the Internet’s first RoboAgency. The needls. platform uses data science to automatically create, target and optimize digital advertising for a fraction of the cost a typical agency would charge. 

By simply answering six questions about their product or service, needls. generates hundreds of high converting advertisements and distributes them across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Needls. constantly tests these ads determines which performs the best resulting in the highest conversions possible. 

Needls. targets potential new customers using their proprietary purchase intent engine that identifies buying signals within social media posts, tweets and status updates. Needls. targets the ad to people who are in need of that particular product or service - exactly when they need it. Essentially, people’s public social media posts are being monitored for specific keywords and phrases resulting in explicit and implicit leads. 

An example of an explicit lead is if someone in NYC tweets, “I’m looking to renovate my kitchen, any good recos for a general contractor?” Needls. knows this person is looking for a contractor and any client of needls. that is a contractor in the NYC area will have their ad displayed to that user on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

An implicit lead is when the person’s post isn’t directly asking for something. For example, “Pipes burst overnight, great way to start my day,” is an implicit lead. Although they didn’t ask for it directly they are obviously in need of a plumber and any client of needls. that is a plumber in that area will have their ad displayed. 

Needls. turned targeting on its head, rather than businesses guessing who may want their product or services by selecting certain demographics, needls. finds the people who say they need and want it. 

By monitoring social media ads in real time, needls. is able to continuously optimize the ads to target new business. Cross platform optimization allows needls. to assess when client ads are most effective. If the system can see that an ad is more effective on Facebook from 8 - 11am versus Twitter and Instagram, needls. will adjust the client’s budget to spend more on Facebook in order to capture more qualified visitors from the right source. 

Typical advertising agencies take breaks, are only at their desk from 9am - 5pm and aren’t accessible outside of those hours. A RoboAgency never sleeps and is continuously optimizing ads. 

With needls., businesses don’t waste time and money on taking advertising chances that may not result in business. Instead, they can focus on what they do best while the highly effective RoboAgency finds customers that are in need of them and drives traffic to their site resulting in more customers.