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AmoCRM is an easy to use CRM, which suits startups and small business perfectly.

AmoCRM is an easy to use CRM, which suits startups and small business perfectly. Use effective tools, such as pipeline, lead scoring and more than 30 apps for your needs. You can start your work in 15 minutes without downloads and long setups. Try it out free for 14 days!

Special features:

Lead Management – all the history with your leads will be in one place. Track all your contacts and plan your next move. 

Task Management - never forget about an important deadline. You will always be aware of everything and you will never forget about your clients with our reminder system

Sales Pipeline - helps you to know what exactly is going on in your sales department. You can see status of any client or progress of any sales rep in two clicks. Pipeline helps to prioritize manager’s time to spend it effectively and convert more leads into clients.

Widget Integrations - make working with amoCRM even more convenient and comfortable! Create your own email-campaigns with just two clicks. Integrate amoCRM with telephone. Keep your files in a convenient cloud storage site, such as Dropbox. Chat with your website visitors to offer instant customer support using Olark! 

Business process – automate your sales with fast and simple business process settings. After creating a process once, every time at one of the selected action will create task for a specific account user. Your sales reps won’t forget about a call or skip a new lead ever again.

Lead scoring – make your sales more predictable! The range of values from the smallest points (cold) to highest (warm) will prompt probability of purchase.

Support system – you can always contact our support representative to get help with any question you may have.