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Inviter is a simple, and powerful Video Invitations & Video Greetings tool that will engage and delight your guests.

Inviter helps you to send video invitations, video greetings to your friends, family, users, subscribers, followers, employees and customers. Video moves people and inviter’s video messaging helps you to connect to your audience group and makes them feel your message.

We use video to create a sense of community. Whether you are planning a personal event or business event, invite your guests in a unique & create way. Other additional features we offer are RSVP reports, Email Reports, Customization, 24X7 dedicated support and reasonable pricing plans.

Either it is a birthday of your customer or a gentle reminder for an appointment, video message does its job. Such idea is where “Inviter” comes in, bringing a lime light to communication using video messaging services. Our services are unique, cost-effective and makes your business a loyal and personalized community.