namedrop.io (General)


Your name is your identity and its time people pronounce it the right way!

NameDrop provides an easy way to record your name as it's meant to be said and share it with the world.

We believe that no one should have to hear a broken version of their name. With NameDrop, you will receive a personal web link with the self-recording of your name to be able to share in your email signatures, with your contact list, on your personal websites, and wherever else your name is needed.

Want to see a personalized link looks like: https://namedrop.io/keshavmalani

We are also coming out with an app that brings you the whole suite of what NameDrop offers:  

Sign-up - Create your account, record and submit your name and get your personal link

Contacts Sync - Allows you to listen to the name pronunciations of others in your Contacts who already have NameDrop

QR vision – Many of our users are turning their NameDrop link into a QR code and including it in their business cards. So we thought, we need to make it easier to read these QR codes. You can open up QR vision to scan these QR codes and hear their name pronunciations

Unlock goodies –Want to add a profile pic, quick links, and customized background in your page?  There are a lot of goodies in store for people who can’t get enough of NameDrop and have a million and one uses for it.