www.workboard.com (Technology)


Set and achieve your team goals.

Workboard is a free team collaboration and productivity management solution that helps business teams increase velocity and performance by keeping employees aligned on their goals. Managers can set action items for teams or projects and gain instant accountability, save time with automated weekly status reports, and provide valuable feedback to their team. With Workboard, people leaders can:

Achieve goals with greater velocity: With transparent goals, action items, scorecards and execution risks, it’s easy to stay focused on goal achievement.

Engage team members in great performance: From trophies to missed bullseyes, Workboard badges help managers give more engaging, timely feedback.

Eliminate tedious status reporting: Automated status reports free managers and their teams from chasing facts, preparing reports, and unnecessary meetings.

Sustain management best practices: Objective Key Results (OKRs), Management by Objective (MBOs) and Get Things Done (GTD) methods are more feasible because objectives link to people and their action items and progress is automatically captured. 

Workboard is ideal for all types of teams: sales, pre-sales, marketing, business development, professional services finance, legal and compliance managers and directors and their high performing teams. Workboard helps teams at IBM, Bloomin' Brands, OneLogin, SJ Innovation, CrowdSource.com, and others communicate and collaborate more effectively, increase execution velocity, and reach their goals more quickly.