pexe.so (Entertainment)


Find, track & monetize your videos and music online

The main problem these days that sharing multimedia content is easier than ever but there is not many ways how to make sure that the original creator will get paid or even will have information about his content being shared.

Pexeso is a video analytics & rights management platform able to find and track video content anywhere on the internet.

Underlying technology inside of Pexeso is a proprietary algorithm that is able to match video to its original even if it was tampered with (cropped, changed aspect ratio, recorded on camera, added logo, changed colors, etc.). Pexeso is even able to match parts of a video (clips) to a full length original video.

After a video is matched, the owner is able to take an action just by hitting one of buttons in Pexeso's realtime dashboard:
- monitor the video and get comprehensive insights about the community
- take down the video
- place Ads at top of the video and generate extra revenue