www.neuquest.com (Biotechnology)


Reduce the complexity and cost acquiring, deploying, and operating 360° healthcare management

NeuQuest is a healthcare IT company with one goal - to offer the most efficient, user-friendly web based solution for healthcare providers and growing organizations. Based on the need to improve the quality point-of-care ProHealth Care EHR was developed from the bottom-up.

Enhancing the doctor - patient experience ProHealth Care EHR streamlines the clinical workflow as a web based technology with fully automated 360° full-cycle patient management tools that allow healthcare providers more time to focus on their patient needs.

Founded in 2006, NeuQuest is a rapidly growing company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Our dedicated team of industry professionals is passionate about innovating life sciences for Physicians, RN/PA's, Healthcare Specialist, Administrators, and Staff Members. Working to build a brighter future our mission is to improve the health in local and extended communities.