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Alive prototype of your WEB App in a minute!

UMyProto is extremely useful!
For Developers:
    If you are an experienced back-end (Java, C#, PHP, whatever) developer but you hate / don't like / are not an expert in Web UI development. 
     UMyProto does everything you hate / don't like / don't know in instead of you. What you need - just implement back-end logic and expose it as an interface on your web server. All UI stuff you can do by clicking, dragging and dropping the widgets on UMyProto.
     Even more, when you are constructing your web page witch contains various controls you are able to test how it works right on the constructing page. At any time while constructing. 100% behaviour is supported there. 
     Go further, by simple click on the Generate button you are getting the working version of your HTML / JS files including all used third-party components. Of course, UMyProto does not limit you in manual modification of generated file. You can do that whenever you want.  
  If you are experienced Web UI developer then UMyProto services may increase you efficiency and make your job easy and fascinating. 
     Imagine you need a couple of mouse clicks only to set Accordion up on you page. You don't need to write any JS to create single-page application with dynamic content. 
     You need to spend less than 1 minute doing simple and intuitive clicks to set up interactive and completely functional Grid. JS is not required. 
     On the other hand, you've got significantly easier support for your projects in UMyProto. You don't need to work with huge html/js files parsing them every time you need to make a small change. You just open your project and navigate to the element visually and then change it as you want. 

For Project Managers / Team Leads:
  Imagine you have a meeting with customer. You are trying to decide how you application will look like.
  Just create a new UMyProto project and simply add some pages and controls which you need on the pages. Do that interactively. Usually it is much easier you drug an element and drop it then 5 minutes discuss its location on piece of paper. 
  In 10-15 minutes you may create 3-4 pages and install all necessary elements on them. Go further, you may add a few simple handlers on the controls and your are getting an interactive application. In a half an hour all you have created pretty nice prototype for your application.
  You think you've finished you work? No, you've also started the development. First of all, developers don't have to design the pages codding html. Significant part of JS is done also. Second of all, you don't have to explain to developers what is agreed on the meeting and how the pages should look like. 
  I know you like reducing costs.

For Newcomers:
  You don't have any experience with web application development but it is an interesting subject for you. You don't know what you can start from. Be sure as a gun - UMyProto is a tool specially created for you. 
  You can easily develop your first web app with live and interactive widgets while you even don't know what HTML means or the difference between Java and JavaScript :). 
  Register and start creating.
  Still doubting? You think web development is too complex or boring for you? Actually it is easy, fancy, and fascinating unless you need to write HTML or JS code.