cayenneapps.com (Computer/Software)


CayenneApps is designed as application suite, which contains different but integrated applications which helps to drive

Everyday each person executes number of different tasks, either in personal life or in business life, but very often the greater sense of this tasks is lost. Our mission is to enrich these tasks with purpose and wider context. Make tasks obvious part of previously defined goals and once made decisions. Provide users with improvement loop: analysis of current situation, defining meaningful and achievable goals, tracking execution of everyday tasks as a result of previous steps.

Application might be used with success for both business and personal purposes. It can be applied whenever there is a need to change current situation and verify if the particular idea, can be realized.

CayenneApps can be used by small and medium sized enterprises, which want to improve decision processes and performance; startups, which want to validate rightness of new business ideas or start working on long-term goals, but also for personal development, for people who want to reap the benefits of being well-organized and arrange personal growth.

First application - SWOT - helps people start decision making process by making use of famous SWOT Analysis method. What makes CayenneApps unique is that we take different approach on SWOT than thousands resources available online. We guide users step by step, by different task-oriented steps and allow them to get to the final results more intuitively and quicker. This approach can be used for instance in: startup idea validation, position market identification or personal career development.

Second application - GOALS - is currently under development. It will allow users, to create goals based on analysis done before and track them, so that they actually execute tasks based on planning decisions they made. Yet again, we will guide user through process and application will actively interact with users, allowing them to define goals which has greater meaning for users in current situation.

Third application - TASKS - is planned. It will allow users to execute tasks, track their progress and enhance connection between currently executed task, goal created before and decision analysed at the beginning of the process.