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Helprace is a customer service software consisting of a help desk, online community and customer feedback tools.

Helprace is a stunning new customer service application that allows companies to finally position themselves with consumer demands that have dramatically changed over the past few years.

Satisware was born out of a simple need to improve customer service for businesses, large and small”, says Gregory Koldirkaev, Satisware CEO. “Helprace is the result of our relentless pursuit to transform the way companies see and interact with their user base.

Customers are always looking the next thing to make their purchase experience more convenient. They are looking for authentic, real-time experiences that are simple and easy. Companies are looking past these simple transactions, for a way to maintain customer relationships and build on them. This is why Helprace integrates case management, knowledge base and online communities in one admin interface.

The heart of Helprace is an engaging feedback system. Whether they are using your website or community, visitors are offered 4 intuitive feedback categories to: 1) ask a question 2) share an idea 3) report a problem or 4) give praise. This data is transcribed into the admin panel for easy moderation by your team.

Your admin panel is laden with innovative features, such as automations and ticket routing to streamline agent productivity. The Helprace interface is modeled around intuitive websites of today and is also browser-friendly, meaning anyone can start using it in seconds. Helprace works across all operating systems as a cloud-based web application, meaning no worries when it comes to scaling and adding additional departments, products or team members.

With our free-for-ever plan, we’re trying to say that amazing customer service experiences don’t have to cost anything.  If you wish to give any of our plans a try, you are welcome to do so for a full 90 days. It gives you plenty of time to discover what works for your company - and your team. Best of all, there’s no lengthy setup guides, installation manuals or IT settings to take care of - it only takes a few seconds to be up and running regardless of the plan you choose.

Helprace by Satisware is an emerging provider of customer service solutions based in the cloud. Since being established in 2011, we’ve always believed that offering memorable customer support should be as easy as checking email and understanding customer even easier. Learn more at http://satisware.com