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Simbla - web engagement, not just web presence. Simbla provides a D&D UI for website building and creating business apps

How many of you have visited your bank account online in the last week. Both you and your bank have benefited from this process – no standing in line & 24/7 availability for you and, much more cost effective for your bank. 

SMB's wants to engage with their customers online in the same way. While enterprises, such as the bank, can create their own tailored solutions, SMB's could not accomplish the same with their limited resources.

Simbla is here to solve one of the most pressing problems of SMB's worldwide: taking their business environment, online.

So, what will you need to create a complete web engagement with your customers? 

1) You will need a beautiful website that is adjusted to mobile and any web device. 

Simbla provides an easy-to-use, responsive website builder. Simbla is easy and fun! No professionals needed.

2) Having just a beautiful website is not enough. 

SMB's need a way to engage their customers online letting them be a part of the business process. Even a simple task such as giving your users the possibility to search your product catalog requires professional help and enormous resources, making it an impossible mission for SMB's.

Simbla will provide a drag and drop UI with which business can create their own tailor made, data-based solution. The same as the bank. This solution will be unified with their Simbla website.  

3) Simbla will create a marketplace for ready-made, unified business applications such as e-Commerce, CRM, forums, support centers and much much more. Users will be able to share their applications and generate new revenues, creating a full B2B eco-system.

In conclusion -  simbla provides a full holistic web solution for SMB's.