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Every adult of reproductive age should consider the Counsyl test before pregnancy

Many Genetic Diseases Are Preventable

Each year millions of healthy parents are taken by surprisewhen their children are born with life-threatening genetic disorders. These parents are carriers: healthy individuals who nevertheless have a mutated version of a critical gene.

Testing Allows Prevention

The new medical consensus is that every adult should be offered genetic testing before pregnancy. Early testing is theonly way to know if your pregnancy will be at high risk, and to allow you and your doctor to take specific actions to conceive a healthy child. More...

A Truly Universal Test

More than 1000 African American children are born with sickle-cell disease each year. Almost half the thalassemia cases in the US afflict Asian Americans. And the Jewish community is affected by a vastly disproportionate share of genetic disease. We can now end this needless suffering with a single inexpensive test for all ethnic groups. More...