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What We Do?

In order to deliver relevant ads, we have developed technology which tries to predict what consumers might be interested in based on anonymous data collected from various web sites. Specifically, our technology focuses on social interaction data. How does this work? One example is that when two people post a comment on the same photo on a social network site, our technology might assume that these people are part of the same social circle, and therefore may have similar interests. Then, if one of those people clicks on an ad for running shoes (for example), our technology might deliver the same ad to the other person.

In addition, our systems make use of a technology called "cookies" which allows us to store our interest predictions on your web browser so that the next time you go to a web site that we work with, we can deliver a relevant ad. This is the same technology which allows you to store a web site password so that when you re-visit a site your web browser remembers the password and automatically logs you in.

What We Don't Do? 

Our prediction technology does not rely on using any personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, etc. We take consumer privacy very seriously, and never collect any information which could be used to identify a specific person. In addition, we do not use "flash cookies" or other technologies which store permanent information on a computer and are difficult to delete.

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