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A cloud-based application that helps you manage your office expense sharing.

EasyOfficeShare is a cloud based application that can support anyone who needs to manage office expense sharing. If you are the person who gathers invoices every month, calculates the split amounts and determines who needs to pay whom - then this application is for you. Our application will make the process extremely simple, saving time and increasing productivity. Here are some of the key features of easyofficeshare: Easy expense creation: you can create expenses via our website, through email, or even from your cell phone. With just a few simple clicks, detailed statements are generated with easy-to-read charts and complex calculations already done for you. These statements can then be printed, saved in a file, or even emailed directly to your clients. We store everything you upload, so you don't need to worry about filing away all the old invoices. And finally, easyofficeshare is built as a cloud application. This means you will never need to install or upgrade any software or worry about data loss because of a hardware failure. We manage all of this for you. I hope you liked our quick introduction, and I invite you to a free 30-day trial to get a first hand look at our product.